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Optimal management of your trailers starts with knowing where they are. Our solutions gives you direct insight into the current location, but you can also manage the inspection / maintenance date and other matters.

We offer 3 different trailer solutions for this.

The pTag is a unique GPS unit that has a smart battery pack where the unit can continue to work up to 10 years without recharging or changing the battery. This unit is therefore not connected by cabling and the installation can therefore easily be realized by everyone.

The Sig-Fleet GPS unit that continues to operate autonomously on its own battery for up to 2 years and works on the Sigfox or LoRa network.

The Quec-Fleet is an easy-to-install trailer unit that already functions well by connecting to a plus and minus on the trailer, but also offers extensive functions allowing us to connect door contacts, temperature sensors, light sensors or the use of the trailer door.

The forklift truck behind your trailer is also often provided by a unit that is managed via our open IoT platform

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