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Work more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction with Fleets-Online.

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Door gps plaatsbepaling en slimme fleets-online software krijgt u meer grip op uw buitendienst.
Plan more efficiently, make more productive hours and provide better service.

Private Business mileage Trip recording.

Manually keeping track of your mileage is a thing of the past. All your journeys are automatically recorded in Fleets-Online. The reports are in accordance with the requirements of the tax authorities, so avoid unnecessary fines and additional taxes.

Live Track & Trace
and Alarm Messages

With Live Track & Trace you can see at a glance what the current status of your vehicles is. This gives you an overview of the location, direction, speed and alarm messages. This helps you to plan more efficiently and provide better service to your customers. You can also review the routes of the day. This helps you to increase productivity and security.

Reporting Tool

The various reports ensure that you can view the right management information quickly and clearly. Over the years, specific customer requirements have been translated into powerful and clear reports.

Driving behaviour

Fleets-Online ensures permanent driving behaviour improvement for your drivers. Smart technology combined with clear overviews will give you insight into driving behaviour. Save 8% to 14% on your fuel costs with this smart tool.


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Benefits of Fleets Online

  • You have fully automated trip recording after the GPS unit has been installed invisibly or by plugging in the OBD (possible in every vehicle without installation costs).
  • Our online software provides access to the secure server where you can directly access all functionalities.
  • Clear reports provide clear insight per customer into trip recording of travel and working times and arrival and departure times. All data can also be used in your other applications via our API functionality.
  • We work hardware independently so that we can use the most suitable and affordable hardware for every application. The hardware can be expanded with additional connections (door contact, flashing light, Driver ID, P / B switch, CAN bus for engine info etc).
  • Through our platform you can also follow and manage all other business assets (machines, tools, etc.).

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