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Optimal insight in all facets of your machines.

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Customer specific sensors

Whether it’s machine-own data via CAN, RS-232 or any other protocol, or for placing very specific extra sensors, with our hardware combined with our flexible Fleets Online software, we can solve many IoT sensor issues.

GPS positioning

Because all our Sensor boxes are equipped with a GPS board, when registering sensor data, the current location is also always forwarded. This helps you optimize a schedule and take the right action.

Real-Time Alarm/alert

Because we can put triggers on the various connected sensors in a very flexible way, an alarm or alert can be sent by mail or SMS to the person responsible. Rapid and accurate action in emergency situations will be possible.

Increased deployment

By being informed timely about the functioning of your machine, you can prevent downtime. Higher productivity will be the result.

Benefits of Fleets Online

  • You have a flexible platform where you can track the combination of your machines, assets and commercial vehicles.
  • Our online software provides access to the secure server, where you can directly access all functionality.
  • Clear reports provide easy insight into the sensor registration. All data can also be used in your other applications via our API functionality.
  • We work hardware independently so that we can use the most suitable and affordable hardware for every application. The hardware can be extended with additional connectors.
  • Through our platform you can also follow and manage all other asset management (vehicles, trailers, trucks, tools etc).

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