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Trucks-Online offers you insight and control of your trucks.
Save time and money by using our truck solution.

Live Track & Trace
and Alarm Messages

With Live Track & Trace you can see at a glance what the current status of your trucks and trailers is. This gives you an overview of the location, direction, speed and alarm messages. This helps you to plan more efficiently and provide better service to your customers. You can also review the routes of the day. This helps you to increase productivity and security.

Remote Tacho

Save time and money with our Remote Tacho download tool. Reading tachograph cards manually is labor-intensive. Our tachograph module makes this much easier for you. Your driver does not have to do anything for this. And reading this can be done while driving. This way you always have the right data downloaded and fines are prevented.

Driving behaviour and
Fuel saving

The fuel costs are one of the largest costs for transport companies. Sustainable driving behaviour ensures cost savings and CO2 reduction. By measuring this data and showing it in a well-arranged manner, you can see at a glance where the opportunities lie. This ensures safer kilometres, less sick leave, less fuel costs and more profit.

and Open Platform

Drivers can work pleasantly and paperless with our driver app, whereby they function flexibly and effectively for your clients.

With our open platform you not only have a grip on this moment, but you are also ready for the future. Thanks to the open platform, we bring data from different units together to give you insight into all your business processes.


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Benefits of Fleets Online

Fleets-Online offers you online insight into your Trucks. Whether it is to optimize the planning or to get real-time insight into the Tachograph hours, it is possible with our all-in-one GPS / CAN / TACHO unit.

Our solutions can be expanded immediately with an Android Driver App where you can get all the right information digitally at the office according to your own chosen form.

GPS data / Trip Recording / CAN bus / Driving behavior / Fuel consumption.

Remote Tacho download DDD files. Current overview of daily, weekly and biweekly remaining driving and rest times and deployment times of all drivers.

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