About Fleets-Online B.V.

Fleets-Online B.V. is a young and dynamic organization founded by highly experienced people within the Telematics industry. elematics is nowadays also called IoT (internet of things).

IoT is a hot subject, but there is a lot of uncertainty among companies about what it entails and whether it is relevant. It is often mistaken that IoT is technically too complex or too expensive for them.

For us, IoT is a means to help our customers to be able to make the last efficiency gains by providing insight into the use of all mobile resources and asset. It is precisely by combining information from different processes, that your business becomes smarter and more efficient!

From small to large and from close to far away whether or not there is power present on these “Assets” we bring these “online”.

Connecting “everything on the internet” and thereby giving companies full control is the main goal of our technology. Quality and sustainability are of paramount importance. Quality and sustainability are of paramount importance.

We offer customers in many sectors the solutions that benefit them and connect quality and service with a fair price.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of IoT, please contact us: We help you to find out how this can also lead you to the next step in the use of data from your vehicles, machines, trailers, containers, employees and all your other assets.

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