Planning and monitoring

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Planning and monitoring

Making a good and optimized planning is often a complicated job. And once everything has been planned, the current events of the day, such as illness, work delay or traffic conditions, throw a spanner in the works.


Plandem not only helps you to make a good planning for your field service employees and drivers, we also provide a good insight into the current state of affairs and immediately advise which possible efficient, cost-effective, alternativesare more convenient.

Planning board

You can plan your assignments easily and clearly on the planning board. By simply dragging it from one of the order bins, it is immediately assigned to an employee or team, and the travel times are also automatically calculated for you.

Plandem folder

Our map is the central place for planners and dispatchers to manage the fleet and field staff. The various journeys and orders are visualized in real time. Road work is immediately displayed and the planner or dispatcher is immediately alerted to the various ETAs of the employees.

Benefits of Fleets Online

With the use of Plandem you can make the work more efficient, simpler, more transparent and more predictablein order to demonstrably realizesavings for our customers.

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